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Level 6



Free Chompi from the cavern. Get the key of each level to open the wooden door and go to the next challenge.

In each level you can find an extra life.
If Chompi has less than 4 lives left you can get more lives by watching a bonus video. For this you need to have an active connection. If lives are not needed, no video is requested, and no connection data is consumed.
You can also get more lives if you share this application with your friends.
Optionally, you can buy the infinite lives pack for only € 1.49, and it will no longer be necessary to see advertising to play for free.


Control the character is quite easy.
Mobile: Hold left and right buttons to run. Tap on the right sid eof the screen to jump.
WEB demo: Left and right arrows to run. Up arrow to jump.


Skeleton an skulls: RedVoxel
Chompi character and UI : Game Art 2D
Backgrounds: freepik
General assets: Open Game Art

Demo video